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    Join ME for Brunch, Book & Brilliance...

    Do YOU have a Copy of my New Book - "Uncovered"? Reserve Your Seat at the Table and Join ME + other Truth-Seekers for BRUNCH and Conversation.

  • //The Mission


    "Only FREE People, Can actually Free People.


    What would your life look like if you could operate each day freely, without restriction?

    Every day, I meet so many people (online and in person) who are prisoners of their own mind. They are caged by their own fears, restricted by their own negative thoughts, chained by their own experiences and limited by their own imperfections. Of course, there is another group who are functional and operating, BUT only as a "tiny fraction" of what's possible for them. They can do bigger and better things, but their current status, decisions, actions or choices are a result of the many lies they've been fed about themselves and beliefs they have nurtured as their own.

    I wrote my raw and honest book, "Uncovered" so that my personal journey to reinvention, can strip down all of your excuses and GIFT you Freedom. The freedom to operate at the highest level of your authentic best and be the "highest expression" of your brilliance, talent, and greatness."




    What if YOU could get together with other brilliant souls for an honest and NAKED conversation on how to Uncover Your Next Level of Greatness.

    Will you Join Us at the table or online?

    And sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY too. Yay!


  • //What People Are Saying?

    "You know what, after reading "uncovered" it's like I don't care how much noise I make any more, I deserve to be heard, deserve to be free and not be haunted and controlled by the ghost of yesterday past. In your book, I strongly believe every woman will find a piece of herself. I mean, I can identify and see me in some areas. I don't know how you do what you do, but please keep doing it.


    Some of us are tired of things being talked about or touched on the surface. We actually do want to get DEEP and have a proper discourse that is honest and truthful that will really address issues, instead of trying to make things sound nice.


    I'm so fired up...but I know realistically I have to revisit this again. Your book is one that one must read over and over again. You can't just read it once and say I got the message or the messages. I believe there is more depth to it... It's a reference book and I would be surprised if no one sees it that way, because constantly we need reminders of issues you addressed to help shape and reshape our thinking."

    - Abi Opall (Writer and Blogger at Abiscope.com)

  • //About The Brunch...

    Brunch, Book & Brilliance with Alex Okoroji is a Birthday VIP Brunch Party featuring delicious Food, Music & Powerful Conversation with Alex Okoroji, about her latest book "Uncovered" and how to use insights from the book to achieve more greatness in 2019.


    THEME: "A Naked Conversation on Uncovering The Next Level to Your Greatness."


    DATE: Sunday, 10 March 2019 at 2pm noon WAT | (1 pm GMT)


    ACCESS PASS: Your Copy of Alex Okoroji's Latest book - "Uncovered!"

    This is a hybrid event, so expect to have other amazing souls join the online party, from around the World - in our private virtual room as well.

    NOTE: If you already bought a copy, fill the form below-->
    HERE and reserve your seat at the brunch table. If you haven't. Please purchase your copy of the book (access pass) to be included as a VIP Guest.

  • //About The Book

    UNCOVERED: The NAKED Road From Timid Girl to Confident Woman...

    Available in Print, eBook & Audio version.

    In this raw & riveting memoir, Alex Okoroji unravels the connection between truth, freedom, and greatness as she takes off the covers and gets downright NAKED & gritty, unashamed to tell it like it is - illustrating her own powerful journey to reinvention - She UNCOVERS wisdom, freedom and a new perspective "living in a light bulb of truth" as she NOW knows it - to become the highest expression of confidence, brilliance, talent, and greatness. Find out more at www.UncoveredTheBook.com

  • Be Ready to Uncover

    Your "Next Level" of Greatness.

    It's Going Down LIVE on Sunday, 10 March, 2019.

  • //Meet The Host & Birthday Girl...

    Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress & Multiple Award Winning Media Personality - who has published over 400 Articles & contributed to several international publications including The Huffington Post & NewsWire. She is featured in over 250 Media Platforms around the World, globally referred to as the"Queen of Expression" and currently ranked as one of the 'Top 250 Most Influential Women in the World' by Richtopia.


    She is the Author of 3 Books, collaborating with influencers around the world, building brands & impacting millions of people with her work - on Television, Digital Radio & on Global Stages as an International Speaker.


    She is the Creator of Personal Development Hub - The NAKED Philosophy™ and CEO of The BRAG Media Company. She was spotlighted as 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, a 2016 Guardian Woman, and nominated as one of Charles O'Tudor's 35 Personal Brands-To-Watch 2017 (The Global List) and Recipient of 2017 Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award, a WEF Iconic Woman Award at the 2017 Annual Global Women Economic Forum in India and a Peace Achievers Award - as Media Personality of the Year 2017.

  • //How It Works

    Here's What YOU Need to Do to Join Us for BRUNCH


    Purchase a Book

    Click "Get Access Pass", to pick whichever version of uncovered you want to buy. Buy Print to join us for free in Person or Buy eBook to join online. Enter your address and pay with credit, debit card, bank or PayPal. We ship anywhere.


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    Attend The Brunch

    On the day of the Brunch Party. Come Join us for some delicious food, cocktails, champagne and great powerful conversation as we dig deep, uncover our brilliance and map out our next level of greatness for 2019!

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    Your Access PASS is your personal copy of my latest book "Uncovered".

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  • //Got Questions? We Have Answers!

    Here Are Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions...

    Q: How Much Does This Event Cost?

    The event itself is actually FREE. But for you to get included in our guest list, you must own or purchase a copy of the book "uncovered!". The book is your Access Pass.

    Q: Why Do I Need to Buy a Copy of the Book - "UNCOVERED"?

    The brunch party is a book reading meets networking kind-of-event. The main reason we are getting together with the Author on her birthday, at a beautiful location is to have powerful conversations about the book - "Uncovered" and how we can use her insights to transform our lives and achieve the "next level" of greatness in 2019.

    Q: Where & When is this Brunch Party Happening?

    It is happening LIVE on Sunday, 10 March 2019 by 2.00pm WAT | (1.00pm GMT), at a Beautiful Private Location, in Lagos, Nigeria. The specific address will be communicated directly in an e-mail invitation to our registered VIP Guests.

    Q: Do I Need to Reserve a Seat to Attend the Brunch?

    Yes, you need to fill the form to reserve a seat at the table (as early as possible). The Brunch is an Intimate gathering limited to a specific number of people. Seats are Limited.

    Q: Why Are The Seats Limited?

    Remember this brunch party is FREE, and intimate. We can only host & cater to a limited number of Guests.

    Q: What If I already Bought the Book Months Ago, Do I Need to Buy Another?

    If you still have it, you don't need to buy another copy. Just fill the form to reserve your copy and give us details of when/where you purchased your copy (including receipt/invoice no).

    Q: What Happens if I Don't Live in Lagos or Nigeria and I Want to Attend?

    If you can't travel to join us. You can still join us online. We will be streaming the brunch and conversation into our private virtual club and including other amazing souls from around the world to participate with those of us at the venue.

    Q: As a Guest, What Should I Be Expecting?

    You can expect a beautiful experience, great food, quality music, some life-changing conversations, and a few surprises. Also, expect to make new friends and global connections that will help you expand.

    Can I Invite a Friend?

    Yes, you can. Please buy them a copy of "Uncovered" --> (here) If they don't already have one. The book is their VIP Access Pass.

    Can I Buy the Book, Even If I Don't Want to Attend the Brunch?

    Yes, you can still buy the book HERE even if you are not attending the brunch party or Visit the Official website --> www.UncoveredTheBook.com and see all the available stores where you can get the print, ebook or preorder audio version.

    Who Is Organising This Event?

    This event is organized by The BRAG Media Company and Powered by The BRAG Book Club.

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